Scate Ignite 4 Professional Edition

With Scate Ignite 4 Professional Edition you can create and share structured eLearning courses, quizzes, surveys, tutorials, demonstrations, corporate training, HD web videos, digital slide shows, web cam recordings, sales and marketing presentations, video/news blogs (vlogs) and podcasts.

Scate Ignite 4 Professional combines screen captures, digital images, PowerPoint, webcam recordings, HD video and quizzes into a seamless video, interactive course or presentation. Scate Ignite 4 then allows you to add closed caption text, music and voiceover narrations to complete the picture!

Scate Ignite 4 Professional can publish for web server, podcast, mobile phones, iPod, Sony PSP, CD-ROM, blog, message board, email, FaceBook, Myspace, iTunes, iTunes U, YouTube, SCORM 1.2 or 2004, Learning Management System (LMS) and dozens of other media-sharing and social networking sites! Scate Ignite 4 Professional even supports High Definition (HD H.264) video!

You even get FREE hosting at where you can instantly share and track your online courses and presentations with anyone in the world immediately over the internet. Order today to see why thousands of companies and users have adopted Scate Ignite 4 Professional as their product of choice!

Scate Ignite 4 Testimonials

“Ignite is quick to learn, powerful in process. When I need to develop a training module that fits my curriculum model and presents the instructional materials with a glitzy, professional look, Ignite is my program of choice. I recommend it to all my trainers who need to develop training materials. It is especially useful when developing training materials for technologies that are constantly changing, due to ease with which modules can be revised and edited. I give it a 2 thumbs up, 5 star rating.”

- Bill Williams, PhD.

"With Ignite, our subject matter experts can now capture and transfer knowledge quickly and easily to users across the globe."
- Sean Dunn, Program Launch Director

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Screen Capture
Capture application screens, photos, charts, and document processes easily.
Create Multimedia Podcasts
Use Ignite to create podcasts using video files compatible with iTunes and other podcast feed readers.
Create HD Web Movies
Use Ignite to create podcasts using video files compatible with iTunes and other podcast feed readers.
Create SD Web Movies
Create video files for YouTube, etc.
Import & Convert PowerPoint to Web**
Create presentations for the web using existing PowerPoint slides, then add background audio, videos, and more. ** In order to directly import, you must have PowerPoint installed.
Slide Audio Recording / Editing
Add background music, voiceovers, narrations, or any audio using a microphone.
Import Audio Files
Import existing audio files (e.g. .wav, .mp2, .mp3, ..mp4, .aac, .ogg, .aiff, .wma, .wmv, .asx, .asf, .ac3, .m4a, .flac, .wv)
Capture Video from Video Device (i.e. Webcam)
Capture video directly to ignite using a video device. Then share it on your blog, youtube, ignitecast, and more.
Spell Checking
Spell checking for multiple languages (English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Slovak, Latin, Croatian, Czech)
Learning Management System (LMS) Support
Create courses with SCORM 1.2 / 2004 compatible output.
Create eLearning Content (with Table of Contents)
Create a full course structure with table of contents, multiple modes, and navigation.
Create / Import Interactive Flash
Use existing interactive simulations, animations, movies, and any other flash movies (.flv, .swf).
Create Quizzes
With the quiz creator, you can create multiple choice, T/F quizzes with custom images and text. You can also add figures, import graphics, and email quiz results.
Import Movie Files
.wmv, .avi, .mov, .flv, mpg, mpeg, .mp4
More features:

Capture from screen
Closed captioning
Multiple presentation modes (lecture, interactive)
Quiz creator (unlimited question)
Multiple publish formats (html, swf, scorm, email)
Multiple printed formats (doc, pdf, rtf)
Ignite® web image compression technology
Graphic editor support (paint, photoshop)
Glossary of terms
Version control